Crowdfunding Corner: Somiflash 1TB flash drive, Funcl wireless headphones, Grove Junior programmable blocks, TinyJuice wireless charger

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow.

Each month PCR rounds up the latest crowdfunded projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo that have caught our eye. This month’s we’ve got small form-factor flash drives and wireless chargers, wireless headphones and electronic STE(A)M toys…

Somiflash: The world’s smartest 1TB flash drive

Somiflash claims to be the world’s smartest 1TB flash drive. Despite Its compact size, it comes with dual interface wireless 802.11ac and USB3.1, offers data sharing for up to 12 devices simultaneously, and has 10 hours of continuous battery life.

The Somiflash can reach 100% charge in an hour, has a sharing speed up to 1300mb per second, and users can add an SD card of up to 256GB.

With the Somiflash, users can easily watch wireless 4K video, and the flash drive comes with a dedicated android and iOS app. It is available in 256, 512 and 1024GB models.

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Funcl wireless headphones

Funcl W1 and Funcl AI are powerful-yet-affordable Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones.

Funcl W1 feature up to 18-hours of battery life, touch control, and ergonomic design.

Whereas Funcl AI are ideal for mobile gamers, delivering 24-hours of battery life, aptX Hi-Fi sound, and low latency.

Equipped with the latest Realtek chip, Funcl W1 promises great sound quality and low power consumption. At only 4.4 grams, Funcl W1 promises to “make you feel nothing but music in your ears”.

Powered by the Qualcomm smart audio chip, Funcl AI delivers extremely low latency (60ms) when working with devices supporting aptX. As well as this, the free Funcl AI app makes working with the AI assistants on your device more intuitive.

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Grove Junior: Programmable, magnetic, electronic blocks

Grove Junior is a platform of electronic modules that make STE(A)M learning “simple, practical, and most importantly, enjoyable” – as its makers put it.

From the easy snap-and-play magnets, to the block-based programming, Grove Junior comes with a number of educational projects to help kids learn 21st century skills, foster creativity, and develop their critical thinking step-by-step.

Grove Junior has over 25 modules, including a control board, a battery and various sensors and actuators to help you learn basic electronics while building fun creative projects. All modules come with a pair of specially designed magnetic adaptors that allow you to snap the modules together. And it all works in different orders and directions too.

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TinyJuice self-adhesive wireless charger

Most smartphone users know the benefits of a portable charger. While cable chargers are handy they can be bulky and inconvenient.

TinyJuice is planning to change all that with its pocket-sized wireless charging power bank. Its NANO-Suction surface will stick to the back of your phone, so you don’t need to worry about losing the connection between the phone and the charger. It also functions as a phone stand and a finger ring for added convenience.

TinyJuice supports fast wireless QI charging, and its battery has a high conversion rate and a high power 5v output, which means it can charge your device fast and safely.

Most iPhone models have around 2900mAh of internal battery capacity. TinyJuice has a 3000mAh battery, which means this handy device can double your battery life with a single charge.

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