CES 2019: Chirp and Vesper demonstrate the capabilities of data-over-sound

Data-over-sound technology pioneer Chirp has teamed up with MEMS microphone brand Vesper to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology at this year’s CES.

The two tech firms have demonstrated zero-power data-over-sound acoustic networking. This connectivity breakthrough allows devices integrating Vesper’s microphone to receive data via Chirp’s ultrasonic audio protocol.

The device can receive data even if it is initially in a ‘zero power’ standby state, leveraging the microphone’s advanced power saving capabilities and Chirp’s customised acoustic protocol to wake the device.

“This combination represents a major breakthrough for battery-powered devices requiring extreme low power connectivity,” said Chirp.

Using a mobile iOS app and an Amazon Echo Dot-style consumer device, the companies demonstrated the ease, speed and low power requirements of using data-over-sound and Vesper microphones together. Use cases include things like controlling Spotify music and smart meeting room sign-ins.

“We are very excited to be working with Vesper to show how seamlessly data-over-sound can work with Vesper MEMS microphones, and are thrilled to be demonstrating this at CES,” commented James Nesfield, CEO at Chirp.

“Data-over-sound is being recognised more and more widely as a frictionless way to transmit data, and is being integrated into a growing number of products.”

Matthew Crowley, CEO Vesper, added: “We are excited to be working with Chirp to help deliver a seamless data transmission experience for consumer devices, bringing a new set of capabilities to powered devices. It’s fantastic to demonstrate both technologies working in conjunction at CES.”

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