Business and gaming monitor sales up in Europe

Desktop monitors in Western European saw sales continue to grow in early Q4 2018 following three strong quarters earlier in the year, reports CONTEXT.

Once again, sales were driven by business monitors, but gaming models also made a significant contribution in Q4,

In the first two months of the quarter, combined sales of business- and consumer-targeted monitors were up by 16% year-on-year. While October saw sales in both segments increase by more than 22%, growth slowed in November and was driven by sales of cheaper business monitors: over 20% of sales were low-end models with an average distribution price of less than 100 euros.

CONTEXT noted that November 2017 was very strong for consumer monitors, especially in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. In 2018, sales increased again (by 6% year-on-year), but this was less than expected.

The only models for which demand grew were those promoted as gaming monitors, which accounted for 41% of revenues (compared to 29% in the same period last year). There was particular interest in curved monitors, as prices fell 17% year-on-year to €240 (down from €290).

The results show a new trend for the monitor segment: despite seasonal sales taking place towards the end of November, the distribution sales peak has shifted to October for both consumer-and business-targeted monitors.

“Sales of monitors are expected to continue to grow for the remainder of the last quarter of 2018,” said Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at CONTEXT.

“While the business part of the market is likely to drive the trend, vendors will continue to focus on premium consumer models with high margins to maximise revenues from the still-profitable gaming segment.”

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