CES 2019: What to expect from the world’s biggest tech show

Now we have finally waved goodbye to 2018, the tech world eagerly looks on to the biggest tech show on the planet – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Between the 8th and 11th of January, Nevada will be taken over by members of the tech industry each looking to catch a glimpse of the latest innovations the world’s most exciting brands have to offer.

The show is promising a lot in what is set to be a huge year for technology in 2019, and we can’t wait for the innovative brilliance that awaits us. But what exactly can we expect to see this year?

TV to Continue Defying Alternative Streaming Devices

Not long ago, many were beginning to believe that the television was dying out. With the ability to stream on phones or tablets, in the mind’s of most, the clunky, static TVs of old had little time left. CES 2019 looks set to prove those people wrong. 4K has been a revelation over the last few years, and this time around, the game continues to change.

Soon enough 8k 55” televisions are expected to become the norm, and while it may not be ready to go into the consumer pipeline just yet, Samsung is expected to showcase the first ever 8k TV in Sin City. The buck doesn’t stop there, either. A recent patent was filed by the same company for a transparent TV, and though CES may arrive too soon to show it off, keep your eyes peeled for any announcements on the horizon.

Folding Phones and 5G?

On the subject of Samsung, we could also bear witness to the Galaxy S10, featuring a triple camera, new front design, and the sure-to-be buzzword of 2019 – 5G. The Japanese heavyweight won’t be without competition, though, as Sony also looks to impress. Ever keen to be first to market with new technologies, the new Xperia phone is also expected to be announced at CES, which will also incorporate 4G’s upgrade.

Whisper it quietly, but that’s not all that is on the horizon for mobile innovation. 5G will be a theme at CES, and while it is unlikely to reveal something so groundbreaking only a few months before Mobile World Congress, LG has recently trademarked the names ‘Flex’, ‘Foldi’ and ‘Duplus’; if that doesn’t scream foldable phone, then what does?

A Few Dark Horses

This year, it’s expected that CES will cover over 2.75 million square feet, with 4,500 exhibitors from 155 countries. Today, most businesses are reinventing themselves to prove that they can keep up with the tech world, and brands ranging from JD.com all the way to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) will be showing off products in Nevada. There is so much on offer that seeing every possible exhibition would be impossible. However, there are a few notable companies worth making room for.


Car giant Audi is expected to leave audiences in awe with its latest innovation, following its recent collaboration with Disney. The German automobile manufacturer recently announced that as a result of future driverless cars, there will be a huge opportunity for greater entertainment in travelling, and the company will be proving this. An ‘on the road entertainment format’ is in the offing, as well as an ‘Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment’ – which seems to hint at turning the car into a fully fledged content viewing experience.


Drones have continued to soar in popularity over the last few years due to the vast range of uses that the devices offer CES is expecting to see drone developer DJI take it to the next level with its latest creation, which is tipped to feature a built-in display. According to online rumours, DJI will announce the news at CES, and the belief is that it will be similar to the 5.5” version of the CrystalSky display.

Monitor Audio

The build up to CES 2019 has been full of little hints from brands, as they look to whet the appetites of their respective audiences. However, very few have teased fans to the same extent as Monitor Audio, and the possibilities are very exciting.

Dropping a teaser video on its Facebook page, the speaker manufacturer shows only a golden fingerprint on what appears to be a tablet screen. Due to be revealed a week before CES takes place, could we be in line for a premium, touchscreen, wireless speaker?

CES will undoubtedly be a hectic, action-packed and tiring week, certain to undo all the hard earned rest that the festive period delivers to us all. Nevertheless, right now it’s all the tech world can think about, and would we have it any other way? Absolutely not.

David Feakins is CEO and founder of Modus Brands.

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