UC plays a key role in the digital transformation journey

Digitalisation has completely changed the way we live and work. Innovations, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing and automation have impacted every industry and as a result have unlocked a wealth of opportunity. Businesses across all sectors are beginning to realise and exploit the wider benefits of unified communications.

For most businesses, adopting a unified communications strategy is at first a cost saving measure. However, most businesses soon come to realise the benefits that go far beyond this original impetus. From technological innovation and the enablement of flexible working and collaboration, unified communications empowers an increasingly mobile modern workforce. A unified comms strategy means that you are connected, that you have a seamless experience and that you are future proofed. At Sennheiser we believe it is imperative for businesses to invest in the audio solutions that will empower the workforces to strive in this new environment.

We know that digitalisation is driving smarter, optimised working which touches on virtually every aspect of business. Yet countless hours per day are wasted on duplicated or wrongly routed communications. This can amount to millions in lost revenue a year. Audio solutions can answer process optimisation and can improve business capabilities by speeding up decisions and making collaboration more efficient and clear.

Businesses are beginning to understand how UC can combat vulnerabilities which are increased by the forward march of digitalisation. Firms are increasingly investing in upgrading their audio technologies and opting for secure pairing processes between headsets and connected devices to mitigate security risks.

Businesses must integrate multiple communication applications with each other and with applications to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction – ensuring they remain agile and competitive in the face of digitisation.

Even as the value of clearer communication grows, we are also seeing a shift from face-to-face communication to digital channels. To accommodate more seamless workplace collaboration the face of modern working is changing – many businesses are adopting open floorplans featuring expansive, unencumbered spaces deployed with unified communications systems. In the age of always-connected, web conferencing has become increasingly commonplace as a cost effective and practical platform for internal meetings and training which allows workforces to connect across the world.

This evolution has driven principles of supply and demand across all sectors. The modern workplace and the workforce will continue to evolve, bringing opportunities that can only be realised and challenges that can only be mastered with investments in the right audio solutions. Before or beyond its extension, business must get to grips with the existing UC infrastructure to exploit the full benefit of seamless integration.

In the coming years UC adoption is only set to continue, technology is going to advance the potential for collaboration. By extension the solutions that we use are also going to continue to innovate. At Sennheiser we believe that this means the pro-consumerisation of business needs. Technology solutions that can seamlessly integrate to your needs, whether personal, business or functional. The groundwork has now been laid and the next steps will certainly be exciting!

Jane Craven is the UK & Ireland Sales Director at Sennheiser.

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