The importance of empowering families to decide what’s best for them

I read a shocking statistic the other day – only 17% of employees in the UK technology sector are women. I realise that the technology industry is renowned for being dominated by men, but I didn’t think that the percentage was so high.

I’m the CEO at intY, the world’s leading cloud services distributor, and after reading this statistic, I decided to analyse our staff.

Out of intY’s 59 staff members, a third are women, 25% of board members are women, 50% of the management team are female and 31% of women hold senior positions. Five of our female staff have also been shortlisted for awards to celebrate their hard work.

Furthermore, earlier this year, we publicly revealed the gender pay gap at intY, showing that female staff are paid 3% more than male staff. This is based on the median measure, which is the level of pay that separates the top half of earners from the bottom half. When comparing like-for-like jobs, women and men at intY are paid exactly the same because I believe that pay for like-for-like roles should be equal, regardless of gender.

At intY, we remunerate people for the skills, knowledge and experience required for the role and gender bears no relevance. We also provide a very generous package including enhanced maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.

We do this because we understand and believe that equal pay and flexibility with childcare is important, empowering families to decide what works best for them without relying on a stereotypical breadwinner or primary caregiver role.

Every industry needs to understand that employees have a life outside of work, and if an employee or their partner is pregnant, a company needs to do everything it can to assist.

The technology industry also needs to ensure that they are taking more steps to encourage women into a career in the sector. Companies can do this themselves by holding specific open days for women, or by discussing as an industry how to include more women in tech – anything that can be done that means we aren’t discouraging anyone from a job in technology. 

Craig Joseph is CEO of intY.

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