EveryonePrint launches subscription-based cloud print platform

EveryonePrint has launched a new cloud-based print platform for channel partners.

The new Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is an all-in-one print platform designed for organisations looking to “reduce the IT burden and cost-effectively realise all of the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage their print infrastructure”.

Available to channel partners worldwide immediately, the scalable platform lets end-users to migrate an existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service, enabling the entire printing infrastructure to be deployed and controlled from a single web-based interface.

The platform can be delivered as a hosted SasS offering or installed as an on-premise private cloud. Full data encryption and built-in auditing functionality helps customers proactively protect information, track documents, manage risk and achieve compliance. Role-based permissions can be achieved through integration with cloud-based authentication providers.

While managing the IT and print infrastructure can be cost- and time-intensive, EveryonePrint’s HCP offers a fully scalable subscription-based solution, meaning customers from SMEs to global enterprises simply pay for the licenses they need. By utilising cloud technology, the company says partners can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. “By eliminating print servers, windows server licenses and the requirement to run clients on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs,” said EveryonePrint.

Adam Bishop, Strategic Marketing at EveryonePrint, commented: “HCP enables users to easily connect to the print infrastructure without needing IT support, significantly reduces print costs and eliminates the need to purchase, deploy and manage print servers. Furthermore, the Hybrid Cloud solution includes all the features and benefits from EveryonePrint’s widely adopted mobile printing solution which enables printing from any mobile device.”

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