EE and OnePlus to launch first 5G smartphone in UK

Mobile network EE has teamed up with Chinese manufacturer OnePlus to make the first 5G smartphone available in Europe, with a launch planned for early 2019.

The two companies have signed a research and development partnership that will help deliver “much faster and more reliable internet connections across the UK”, Pete Lau, OnePlus’s chief executive and founder, told The Independent.

“We started working on 5G in 2016, and developed an R&D lab with Qualcomm in 2017,” he said. “OnePlus has always used Qualcomm 800 series chipsets as part of our flagship-only strategy, and this is part of the reason for the excellent relationship we have with one of the world’s leading chipset providers.

“No-one is better positioned than OnePlus to take the lead with 5G. We don’t really look at what others are doing in the industry, we’re focused on providing the best possible experience for our users, and we recognised early on that 5G would be a huge opportunity for revolution.”

OnePlus’s 5G offering is thought to be the next model in its 6T smartphone range.

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