Email marketing is still king of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Email marketing is still the most effective way to get sales in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to new research from ecommerce omnichannel marketing platform Omnisend.

Email marketing campaigns were particularly successful on Black Friday, with over 40% of the whole weekend’s campaigns being sent that day, profiting from an average order count of 9.44. While Cyber Monday had 30% of the weekend’s campaigns, with the average order count of 5.56.

In marketing automation, cart recovery emails performed the best during the 2018 Black Friday period, with numbers higher than 2017, said Omnisend.

2017 cart abandonment emails counted a 37.69% open rate with a 7.5% click-through rate, and an order rate of 1.65%. However, in 2018, while open rate dropped to 34%, click-through rate jumped to 9% and order rate increased to 2.13%.

Most surprising from this holiday weekend: marketers turned to SMS marketing to reach their customers. On Black Friday alone, SMS messages were sent 33 times more compared to usual business days.

”These numbers show us that email marketing is still the top channel for the Black Friday period,” said Rytis Lauris, CEO of Omnisend.

“We know that the success rate of cart abandonment automation increases with each year, and that SMS campaigns can be used to increase profitability. As SMS marketing grows, we see that channel boosting already powerful email campaigns to give our marketers a more impactful connection with their customers and a better ROI.”

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