Crowdfunding Corner: ATOM smartphone gimbal, DUO turntable, SoundFlow earbuds, 70mai Dash Cam

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow.

Each month PCR rounds up the latest crowdfunded projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo that have caught our eye. This month’s we’ve got audio products, smartphone accessories and dash cams…

ATOM pocket-sized 3-axis smartphone gimbal

The ATOM claims to be the smallest 3-axis smartphone gimbal. With a foldable structure, it is extremely portable and offers lots of functionality, which is further expanded with app extensions.

“Unlike all other existing 3-axis gimbals on the market which are always huge and troublesome in mounting phones, with ATOM, you can carry it anywhere with ease, even put it in your pocket,” says ATOM makers Snoppa Technology.

“In addition, ATOM also provides a series of fantastic functions which enable you to control your filming work with great flexibility.”

ATOM weighs only 440 grams (15.5 oz), and thanks to its unique structure, it can reach a high payload of 310 grams. It can also charge your phone for you while it’s filming.

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DUO turntable with detachable bluetooth speaker

Wondering if there’s such thing as a small, all-in-one turntable? Want to get into vinyl but not sure you want to invest in a whole stereo system? What about a record player that can play more than just records?

These are the questions HYM Seed looked to answer with its new DUO turntable. The DUO has a compact, hybrid design that lets you play records as usual, but also comes with a detachable Bluetooth speaker.

Promising a no-fuss stereo system, the DUO uses aptX Bluetooth to boost audio quality so you can blast your favourite music in either vinyl or digital format.

When playing records on DUO’s base unit, you can carry the Bluetooth speaker with you to keep the music going, thanks to its maximum range of 10 to 15 meters. The speaker works independently of the turntable and weighs in at only 1.8 lbs (800 grams). With a full charge, DUO gives you 10 hours of playtime.

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SoundFlow all-in-one earbuds, battery and case

In a bid to make wireless music more convenient and affordable, Ascape Audio has unveiled what it’s calling “superior-sounding wireless earbuds”. What makes these earbuds different is that they can be charge directly from SoundFlow phone cases.

The earbuds themselves feature high-fidelity graphene audio, ambient noise cancellation, eight-hour battery life, hands-free calling and are rain, sweat and dust proof.

SoundFlow’s phone cases claim to be a world first. They can power your wireless earbuds, keeping them secure and charging on the go. When you’re ready to listen to music, “just remove the earbuds and let the SoundFlow”, as Ascape Audio puts it.

The SoundFlow case is available in a variety of colours and in sizes for various Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy models.

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70mai Dash Cam Pro

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro is an in-car DVR featuring multiple functions to promote a safer driving experience.

Features include parking surveillance, an advanced driver- assistance system, night vision, app enablement, a compact design, 3-minute installation, and voice control.

It comes with 1944P (2.7K) resolution, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Defog – all helping to lead a safer driving experience by monitoring the vehicle, warning of potential danger, and recording more details of events in bad weather.

If your car is hit, 70mai Dash Cam Pro automatically starts recording, and it can even remind you to check the video of the whole event afterwards.

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