Tech For Techs retailer/reseller community reaches 600 members

Launching in January 2018, new retailer/reseller community Tech For Techs (TFT) has steadily grown throughout the year and has now announced it has reached 600 members.

Responsible for forming relationships with technicians of all kinds (on site call out services, retailers with shops and MSPs) as well as with vendors and distributors TFT is run by the team behind PCR Award-winning independent retailer Chips Computers, with Jenni and Phil Griffiths working hard to bridge the gap between techs, vendors and distributors.

Membership for Tech For Techs is totally free. “If you work in the tech field you are welcome to join, no matter if you are a sole trader working from home to an owner of a retail chain,” said TFT. “We have members including and not limited to, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Bullguard, Malwarebytes, Tenda, Eurosoft, Akasa, AK Racing, Arctic, Target Components, Spire Technology, and VIP Computers. All members can take advantage of our discount area, as well as awards, price comparisons, surveys, and free directory listing on”

Tech For Tech also releases reviews for products that other techs can use or sell, including security products, diagnostics tools, events, RMM tools, hardware and peripherals, the reviews get published to its members as well, with over 50,000 total views a month combined.

“It’s amazing to see what how the group has evolved since we launched in January this year, we have member asking questions about tech repair issues, sales and business advice questions, some of our members in the past month have moved on from working at home to getting an office or a store, the community as a whole, is a lot closer together and it’s nice seeing people who are just starting out getting advice from people who have been trading for many years,” said Phil Griffiths.

Jenni Griffiths added: “I have put a lot of work into TFT. It’s something, from the start, I believed could form successful relationships between retailers and manufacturers, as well as educate our distributors on why we may ask them to carry certain brands as opposed to others and so on.

“TFT is more than a review site. It is an educational site for the retailer, the distributor and the manufacturer. Retailers can see products in use here and decide whether or not it is right for them without having to buy something they may not be familiar with or find useful. It also is a great way to give feedback to the manufacturers on where they got it right or maybe could have done better.

“Distributors can see this information and decide whether these products will sell well, as well as give advice to their customers on what product is best for their needs. TFT is about techs working together to form solutions.”

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