Crowdfunding Corner: Omni Ultimate power bank, Locky smart key overlay, SparkMaker FHD 3D printer, Jumpgate portable dock

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Omnicharge is back with its third crowdfunding campaign, this time for the Omni Ultimate. With everything from an AC socket, to a DC out port and USB-C output, the Omni Ultimate offers up the ability to easily power a multitude of devices.

With its built in MPPT controller, the Omni Ultimate can accept power from almost all solar panels with the right adapter tip. In what Omnicharge is calling an ‘industry-first’, the Omni Ultimate features an interchangeable battery system that allows users to replace the batteries once they are depleted.

With a 40,300 mAh capacity and high wattage input, users can fully recharge in less than three hours. The IP54 enclosure is also splash and dust resistant.

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Locky is the middle ground between smart locks and key trackers, which its makers say combines “the best features of both”. With Locky, you don’t need to replace your lock and virtualise the key (which can make it hack-able) to check your door status or to get unlocked door notifications.

Locky is simply a minimalist key overlay, but it tracks your key usage and sends the data to a dedicated mobile app.

“This is the world’s simplest home security system,” boasts Locky on its Kickstarter campaign. “Never again will you forget to close your door, nor will you lose your keys, thanks to the key finder function.”

For those who have a habit of accidentally leaving their key in the lock, Locky is able to send out an immediate alert, notifying you to grab your keys. With the associated app, users can check the exact time and day they locked or unlocked any door in their house, even if it was done by someone else, provided their key also has the overlay.

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SparkMaker FHD is an upgraded 3D printer with a 1080p LCD screen promising fast printing speeds and high resolution.

The new printer works with four new types of resins. With the full high definition LCD screen, SparkMaker FHD allows you to print larger sizes (up to 61.8 x 110 x 125 mm), in higher quality (57 μm XY axis resolution), and at a faster speed (up to 25 mm/hr).

Based on the user feedback from previous models, SparkMaker FHD now supports wireless control through Bluetooth connection. Either through an SD card with printing files or the smartphone app by Bluetooth, it is just one button to get printing started.

And with SparkMaker FHD’s dedicated app, users can get printing straight away from their smartphone without having to sit down at a computer.

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The Jumpgate is a portable dock that can easily switch between dock and hub mode to work with a Nintendo Switch, laptop or smartphone.

When working with the Switch, the Jumpgate has a pop up design which creates a gap for air to circulate when the device is docked. The detachable Core Drive can be used with or without the dock to give users more flexibility.

As well as a Switch adapter, this Core Drive can be used as an AC adapter or smartphone adapter. For laptops and smart devices, it offers up USB-C, HDMI, USB3.0, SD and micro SD slots. It has a maximum power of 100W, which can deliver 61W to a 13-inch MacBook and 87W to a 15-inch MacBook, providing enough power to drive all necessities.

The built-in DeX function can also turn your smartphone into a computer if it has the DEX function like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S8. The Core can also expand the storage capacity of your phone and let you transfer photos and data quickly.

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