AOC teams up with Red Bull for major esports events

AOC is collaborating with Red Bull Guardians and Red Bull Kumite – two major esports events created by Red Bull.

Set to take place on 19th-20th October, Red Bull Guardians is a custom Dota 2 tournament that will take place in London, and sees four leading Dota 2 teams competing against each other with an additional drafting phase, where they get to pick three heroes to be substitutes.

Four teams will be invited to take part in the tournament, which will be held at Red Bull’s all-purpose esports facility in London – the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. The tournament offers a different take on traditional Dota matches, as the format allows players an additional draft and ban stage and the possibility of swapping between heroes during the game. Each new hero will hold onto the same items and experience as the one being removed.

With AOC Gaming being the official monitor partner of Red Bull Guardians, each Dota 2 player will use the AGON AG241QG gaming monitor throughout the whole tournament. The AG241QG features an ultra-fast TN panel with a 1 ms response time, 2560 x 1440 resolution and a remarkable 165 Hz refresh rate, designed to boost the performance of dedicated gamers.

The second event, Red Bull Kumite, takes place on 10th-11th November and will welcome 16 professional Street Fighter V players to Paris, where combatants will rely on AGON AG271QX gaming monitors.

Red Bull Kumite, which takes place in the Salle Wagram auditorium in Paris, and extends invitations to 14 of the most prestigious Street Fighter V players in the world. Two more fighters have the chance to grab a spot at Red Bull Kumite by advancing through the Last Chance Qualifier – which will see 256 players competing against each other on 10th November.

With the AGON AG271QX always at hand, the Street Fighter competitors can expect no less than 1 ms response time and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, delivering ultra-smooth, stutter-free action.

“We are very happy about the partnership with Red Bull Guardians as well as Red Bull Kumite. We see it as a great investment in esports and fantastic opportunity for showcasing the versatility of AOC’s gaming monitor line.” said Stefan Sommer, AOC’s director of marketing & business management, Europe.

“Being present at both events demonstrates that AOC’s repertoire of gaming monitors is relevant and ideal for any esport; we have a monitor for every occasion, as seen with the AGON AG241QG and AGON AG271QX utilised for Dota 2 and Street Fighter, respectively. The presence at events like these shows gamers that AOC Gaming has invested in what they love to do and in making those events possible. There’s no better way than this to illustrate that AOC Gaming is here to stay.” 

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