EDGE GX1 launches in response to the “glut of poor-quality gaming chairs”

EDGE Products has unveiled its new GX1 gaming chair, designed in response to the “glut of poor-quality gaming chairs that have flooded the market”, according to the firm.

Hand-built in Great Britain, the chairs promise optimal support and comfort for enthusiast gamers.

“Most gaming chairs are based on the racing seat style, which is fundamentally flawed for gamers,” said Clyde Crawford, Technical Director at EDGE.

“The ‘bucket seat’ is designed for driving positions, to restrict lateral movement when cornering in a car and support the shoulders. This contrasts with the needs of gamers, who require free movement of their arms and shoulders, and need to be properly supported in upright and engaged, forward leaning positions, as well as more relaxed positions.”

Enthusiast gamers were consulted during the design process to ensure the GX1 met the needs of the market.

“I’ve suffered from a bad back for years, and as a full-time streamer, my job requires sitting for extended periods,” said LT Zonda, partnered Twitch.tv streamer and owner of gaming community, Streamers Connected.

“The GX1 has been incredible for me. It’s much more comfortable than other gaming chairs I’ve owned and my back has definitely felt the improvement!”

The EDGE GX1 was designed with Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist expertise, which is the foremost level of ergonomics accreditation.

“It supports ergonomic features that most gaming chairs lack”, says EDGE Products. Features include seat base tilt and depth adjustment, seat back height adjustment, and a ‘decompression zone’ that relieves tail-bone pressure to enhance sitting comfort.

It also has a unique, gravity-driven asymmetric tilt mechanism and an inflatable lumbar support – a key ergonomic feature that EDGE says is missing in the majority of gaming chairs.

“The vast majority of racing gaming seats lack appropriate head, neck and back support, restrict movement and do not adequately facilitate postural changes,” said Crawford.

“If a gaming chair is supplied with detachable neck and lower back cushions then this is a clear indication that the chair lacks proper ergonomic support. Cushions simply compensate for and highlight fundamental flaws in the design.”

The EDGE GX1 starts from £809.99 inc. VAT. The chairs are hand-built to order in Great Britain and come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. International shipping is available. 

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