Magic Leap One AR headset goes on sale

Three years after its first teaser video, Magic Leap’s augmented reality headset has finally gone on sale.

With investments from the likes of Google, AT&T and Alibaba, the Magic Leap One is being targeted at software developers and artists.

Mixing graphics and real-world views, the Lightwear headset comes with a pocket-sized, clip-on computer called the Lightpack, which is equipped with an Nvidia Tegra X2, 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage, a handheld control, and a battery life that lasts three hours.

Powered by its own operating system, LuminOS, the Magic Leap One uses a “spatial” web browser.

The full kit will cost around £1,780, which could make it a direct competitor to the dev edition of MIcrosoft’s Hololens, which is almost £1,000 more expensive. Although, for the time being, the Leap One is only available in limited cities in the US.

Despite this Creator Edition being aimed at developers, CEO Rony Abovitz calls it a “full-blown, working consumer-grade product,” as opposed to a prototype.

With a robot-themed action game planned for later this year, and devs now being able to get their hands on this much-anticipated AR headset, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact the Leap One makes in the market over the next year.

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