Cloud Distribution teams up with CybSafe to help businesses fight against data breaches

Cloud Distribution has partnered with cyber security awareness platform CybSafe.

The partnership will offerend-to-end cyber security protection for businesses fighting against data breaches – a rising concern in the data-rich, post-GDPR world.

Informed by “cyberpsychology and educational theory”, CybSafe addresses the human component of cyber security by improving awareness, behaviour and culture, and aims to make tangible changes to employee behaviour to combat threats related to phishing, social media, public WiFi, malware, identity, passwords and more.

“Human error is involved in the majority of security breaches, and these casual mistakes can cost organisations their reputation and considerable amounts of money,” said Adam Davison, sales and marketing director, Cloud Distribution.

“But companies often aren’t effectively grappling with this, and human cyber security has traditionally been viewed as a tick-box exercise. Companies often use unwieldy training manuals with the unreasonable expectation that staff will act on information, simply because they have read it. Others use unengaging online training programmes that merely make the business ‘compliant’.

“Ultimately, training that doesn’t take into account the way people learn and behave is never going to work. It’s one thing to train staff; it’s quite another thing for staff to act on that training. CybSafe is there to fix that disconnect.”

Davison added: “For resellers, CybSafe’s product comes at exactly the right time, considering the rising threat of cybercrime and the potential problems presented by data protection legislation. With the human element now front of mind for customers, partners have been crying out for a modern, high-margin cyber security solution that tackles this.

“We believe CybSafe is what they’ve been looking for. CybSafe provides strong differentiation and upselling opportunity, and offers the chance to unlock budgets beyond security, such as legal and compliance, and human resources.”

Both CybSafe and Cloud Distribution have resources to enable a quick go-to-market strategy, including WebEx, demo, and customer engagement support. Furthermore, there is a full schedule of joint marketing campaigns available to help stimulate interest and opportunities within the channel.

Cloud Distribution will be providing an overview of CybSafe and the opportunities it offers in a webinar on 22nd August. More information can be found here.

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