ASUS launches AMD B450 series ROG Strix, Prime and TUF gaming motherboards

ASUS’ ROG Strix, Prime and TUF Gaming series motherboards – built on the AMD B450 chipset and supporting the latest AMD Ryzen processors – are now available.

Earlier this year AMD launched the second-generation Ryzen family with the updated X470 chipset designed to further enhance the performance of higher-end gaming and content creation rigs. Now, AMD is launching the B450 chipset for a “new generation of affordable motherboards”.

The B450 is streamlined for straightforward builds and smaller form factors. ROG Strix B450-I and B450-F Gaming elevate the platform with signature features for serious gamers, TUF B450-Plus and B450M-Plus Gaming focus on essentials and durability, and Prime B450-Plus, B450M-A and B450M-K put a more professional face on the platform.

“Despite differences within the series, the ASUS B450 family is bound together by common features and capabilities honed over nearly 30 years of making motherboards,” said ASUS. “From intelligent tuning to cooling to personalisation, ASUS has designed these new motherboards to help users maximise their PC’s potential.”

Current pricing of motherboards are as follows:

– ROG Strix B450-I Gaming – £159.99 MSPR

– ROG Strix B450-F Gaming – £119.99 MSPR

– TUF B450-PLUS Gaming – £97.99 MSPR

– TUF B450M-PLUS Gaming – £87.99 MSPR

– PRIME B450-PLUS – £92.99 MSPR

– PRIME B450M-A – £74.99 MSPR

– PRIME B450M-K – £69.99 MSPR

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