LG teams up with Cisco for “significant new development” in video conferencing

Six models of LG Ultra HD displays and twenty models of LG Full HD displays are now fully compatible with the Cisco Room Kit, Room Kit Plus and Cisco SX series, which include the SX10, SX20 and SX80.

LG says this is a “significant new development” in the field of video conferencing for corporate meeting rooms.

The updated displays allow employees that are spread across different countries and continents to communicate effectively with each other without being restricted by technological limitations or blurry images.

“The strengths of LG display products and Cisco networking technology combine to create the ideal solution for video conferencing, distribution and presentation of content,” said the company.

“This means reliable and robust internet collaboration systems along with displays that can show the best possible content.”

The displays promise excellent colour rendering for video formats and presentations, integrated automatic no-touch configuration, automatic input labelling for fast recognition, and trouble-free synchronisation through low-latency detection.

The LG models that are compatible with the Cisco Room Kit are the Ultra HD 49”-98” of the UH5 range and the Full HD 32”-65” displays (from 32SM5 to 65SM5).

The collaboration between LG and Cisco offers up a user-friendly system with automatic integration and no-touch set-up. As soon as the LG display detects that the Cisco device is connected to the HDMI port, it will configure and calibrate itself to avoid configuration problems.

“As work habits evolved, businesses developed a critical need to communicate and share effectively. The integration of six LG models with Cisco Room Kit and Cisco Room Kit Plus can deliver turnkey video conferencing solutions with the highest visual performance,” said Richard Topping, European account manager at LG.

“This complete integration with Cisco is an example of the potential and versatility of LG’s professional displays. LG is ready to support any business need with innovative and effective solutions.”

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