Huawei plans to “revamp” smartphone gaming with new GPU Turbo

Huawei has unveiled the release schedule for GPU Turbo, a graphics processing technology built from the ground up that the company believes will “revamp the ability of smartphones to process graphics-intensive applications like games”.

Arriving as part of an EMUI update to a range of Huawei devices, GPU Turbo promises to offer much-improved gaming performances without users having to upgrade their devices.

“The industry is faced with a challenge whereby GPUs are unable to keep up with the demand of more graphically-intensive applications, such as gaming and VR,” said Huawei, who’s approach to “re-architect” how graphics are processed at the system level is a novel method.

Huawei engineers took design cues from a car’s turbocharger, which uses a cylinder to feed extra air into the combustion engine to give a vehicle an extra boost of power at no additional fuel cost. The same concept was applied to GPU Turbo, which takes its namesake from the turbochargers of automobiles.

GPU Turbo is able to accelerate performance by optimising system utilisation of software and hardware resources. Huawei says GPU Turbo will “raise the bar” for GPU performance across Huawei smartphones, beginning with the Huawei Mate 10 and P20 Series in August.

With GPU Turbo installed, graphics processing efficiency is improved by up to 60% while overall SoC power consumption is saved by 30%. This is beneficial since graphically demanding operations typically consume battery quickly.

GPU Turbo will initially support PUBG MOBILE and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, two leading MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) titles, each with millions of active users. Support for additional games will be announced at a later date.

“Graphics performance is becoming a keystone of mobile devices, powering a wide array of applications, in particular gaming,” said Ryan Lui, AVP, software marketing, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

“Gaming on mobile devices is the platform seeing the most innovation, with users enjoying more sophisticated, beautiful and graphically-demanding games. GPU Turbo makes high-end gaming experiences possible while also unlocking the potential for other demanding applications possible such as energy efficient AR/VR for shopping, learning and fun.”

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