‘Andromeda’ Surface phone fans launch petition to convince Microsoft to continue development

Consumers hoping for a new Windows smartphone have been on somewhat of a rollercoaster with Microsoft’s latest secret project.

Leaked info and images have allegedly shown that the tech giant has been working away on a concept that blurs the lines between smartphone, tablet and PC. Codenamed ‘Andromeda’, the Surface phone is reported to be able to transform into five distinct modes, thanks to its dual screens and 360-degree hinge.

While the device hasn’t been officially announced by Microsoft, there is a dedicated fan base that’s been eager to finally get their hands on a new Windows-operated smartphone.

Unfortunately, sources have revealed to ZDNet earlier this month that the company may be going back to the drawing board with Andromeda and its operating system.

“My sources say that Microsoft execs recently decided that the Andromeda operating system bits, which were looking as if they’d be incorporated into Microsoft’s next Windows 10 feature release, known as "Redstone 5," are not going to make it into the final version of that feature update, after all,” wrote ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley.

“This is partially because of scheduling and quality, sources say, but more so because there’s still no compelling reason for Microsoft to come to market with its current iteration of a small, dual-screen mobile device.”

This comment about there being “no compelling reason” appears to have kickstarted fans into making sure Microsoft knows just how many people are excited about a Surface phone. A new petition has launched to gather signatures from those that would be keen to buy the device and want to see it launch.

And it turns out there’s quite a few of them. At the time of writing, Zachary Hinski’s change.org petition is just shy of 10k signatures.

“I’m doing this petition to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft would release it,” reads the petition.

“Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface phone like the ones in the leaks then they will be forced into action as everyone knows Microsoft wouldn’t be able to give a reason on why not to do it to there (sic) investors, as its (sic) too much of a money opportunity to miss.”

Check out the Microsoft Surface Phone petition here, and be sure to check back to PCR for any future developments on the product.

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