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A standout name in audio, Denon has spent decades focused on innovation and technology to enhance the entertainment experience. The company lays claim to the world’s first universal disc player, the world’s first multi-channel SACD/stereo CD hybrid disc and the world’s first THX A/V receiver with Dolby Digital and DTS. Suffice to say its pedigree goes unmatched

The company has become renowned for its excellent quality amplifiers and AV receivers, but it has also moved in recent years into the highly competitive multi-room space with its range of HEOS speakers. Boasting easy setup, and a wide range of streaming services, a wide variety of options means that no room in the house has to be without a HEOS.

At the top of the line is the HEOS 7 HS2 which continues Denon’s legacy of great sounding products. With audiophile hi-res audio being pumped out of a seven driver speaker system and five channels of Class D digital amplification for high efficiency, low distortion audio, the 4.6 kg unit will be the life of the party.

Featured product: HEOS 7 HS2


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Famous for its motorbikes and musical instruments, Yamaha is also an expert in multi-room home audio solutions and calls itself the world’s biggest sound company.

The company might have been around since 1897, but ever since the production of its first hifi audio system in 1954 Yamaha has remained at the forefront of speakers that combine quality with affordability.

Yamaha promotes its MusicCast50 wireless speaker by telling users to ‘expect the unexpected with room-filling, dynamic sound’ with a plethora of music streaming services built-in, MusicCast multi-room technology, Amazon Alexa voice control compatibility, stereo pairing and the ability to connect to a TV for upgraded sound.

Featured product: MusicCast 50


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When it started out in 2002 with the ambition to ‘reinvent home audio for the digital age’, Sonos was creating great audio products, but ones which were expensive and a bit of a hassle to get set up correctly.

16 years later in the age of Wi-Fi, technology has finally caught up with Sonos’ ambitions and now the company is a go-to for users who want to easily listen to the music they love in every room of their home in great sound quality. The company now sells its speakers – ranging from TV soundbars to multi-room speakers – in more than 60 countries and in seven languages through thousands of retailers.

The company’s latest flagship product is the Sonos One, a compact-looking speaker that packs a punch with a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers, meticulously tuned to the speaker’s unique acoustic architecture. Whatsmore, it’s got Amazon Alexa built-in with 56 music services available at a simple voice request and will have the added benefit of Apple Airplay with a future update.

Featured product: Sonos One


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Sony is known for many things in entertainment tech, but the company has made a renewed effort in the speaker space with the growth of smart assistants over the past few years.

When it comes to audio, Sony is unrivalled in the range it covers. From budget earphones and affordable hi-fi systems to state-of-the-art High Resolution audio stereos and headphones, the company really has all the bases covered in the space.

In the LF-S50G, Sony has combined its high quality sound from a 360° speaker system with the added benefits of Google Assistant. With the focus on audio quality, a two-way facing speaker, two-stage diffuser, and bass reflex duct make sure that the user gets the most from their audio from an aesthetically pleasing package.

Featured product: LF-S50G

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