In My Team: DMSL

Who’s in your team and what do they do?

We are a close-knit team at DMSL, and while we don’t have room to mention every one of them here, they all play a part in helping us to help the resellers and retailers we work with up and down the country. The people that PCR readers are most likely to come into contact with are as follows, in no special order:

Ashley Breslin, channel and partner director – whose job is to talk to, listen and help partners and she does all that brilliantly. Everyone knows Nikki ‘Kav’ Kavanagh, our head of sales ; our very own fiery redhead, just exceptional at her job (and having a good time).

Lauren Ball is the channel account manager and perhaps the most determined, persistent member of our team. Vicky Moxham, senior sales,is one of the most savvy and versatile members of our team.

Glen Giles is our Mr Motivator and sales team leader.

Amelia Grocock is our sales advisor, Jodie Piper is senior account manager and Ryan ‘Mr. Cloud Telephones’ Medhurst is our Channel Account Manager. What he doesn’t know about VOIP isn’t worth knowing. We’ve also got Claire Poole, head of sales admin, Jessica Gregory and Laura Tucker, assistant heads of sales admin. And lastl but certainly not least is Sue Moss, accounts. For partners, Sue is quite possibly the most important person at DMSL, as she is in charge of processing their commission payments.

Who has been in the team for the longest/shortest period of time?

Some of our team – Kav, Vicky, Claire and Sue for example, have been with us for more than 12 years, others like Lauren and Ryan have only been with us for maybe 18 months, but it feels like they have been a part of the team for much longer.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

We’re still rolling along nicely with the Broadband and Phones (BaPs) programme, which gives resellers their own comparison site. We are pretty fired-up about BT’s new 4G Assure offering – more excited than we’ve been for quite a while to be honest. We think it’s going to be big in the SMB market.

Who would be manning the barbecue at the summer party?

Ryan and Glen I’d say. The boys like to play with fire!

Who will be the last person standing?

Kav, every time.

Who has the best summer holiday plans?

Holidays? No-one goes on holiday – they love work too much! 

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