Falling into place

Why are businesses being increasingly drawn to Apple devices as a viable solution?

Traditional IT departments have successfully limited the number of platforms and device types that they will support in their organisations. The reason they are now having to adopt Apple is that a lot more Execs are Apple users and new recruits are requesting (and even demanding) those devices. Some recruits will even choose which organisation to join based on what PCs and devices they are being offered. The old myths about Microsoft and other business apps not working on Mac have now been completely debunked. The biggest irony for me is that in a world where CIOs and IT Directors are being asked to do more with less all the time, I now know that a move to Mac will halve incidents.

What are the industries that you cater for, and what are their different needs?

It is really difficult to split our business down by industry; it is more pertinent to do this by sector.

We work in Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, Education and SMB. All of these need some form of Device Lifecycle management, whether that is for Mac or iOS devices, or both. There is a requirement for Apps to provide a mobile answer for data collection activities or to extend the functionality of an ERP system for businesses.

All of the sectors have requirements for infrastructure and these vary by sector. Our SMB customers need full infrastructures; Enterprise customers need Apple Readiness reviews and Wi-Fi optimisation for Apple; education companies need Wi-Fi implementation.

Security is a big generic area, with solutions from encryption to OS hardening to single sign on. The Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector needs high availability/high density storage and we are the lead reseller of a number of specific solutions around post production and audio, covering everything from content creation, management and monetisation.

How big an aspect of Jigsaw24’s business is after sales support?

Jigsaw24 has always been focused on the lifetime value of the customer, so after sales support is a big thing for us. We want to ensure that once a customer has engaged with Jigsaw24, they never want to go elsewhere.

How has Jigsaw24’s brand evolved in the past 25+ years?

I have only been at Jigsaw24 for the last 5 years, but it has always been an amazing hardware and software reseller. The brand was all about creative customers initially, and has since then evolved into education and SMB. The next focus area is enterprise. The business has grown year on year, and in the last seven years we have expanded locations across the country and acquired other resellers or niche companies. The best thing about Jigsaw24 is that through all the change, the fundamental ethos of the business still focuses on customer service. It’s a great place to work.

Tell us about some of the partners you have on board such as Sony and Adobe.

We work with a lot of vendor partners, the main one is obviously Apple. We also work with creative based tools such as Adobe and Avid, especially in the M&E and design fields. For Apple Management we work with Jamf and more recently Microsoft Intune. In M&E we work with Sony, Black magic design, JBL, Newtek, Promise, Sony and Wacom (among many others).

Do you still find that many businesses are sceptical of Apple and are hesitant to move away from the traditional Windows platform? What do you say to these kinds of clients in order to allay their fears?

We see this all the time, where the engagement is led by IT My own personal story helps here in that having done 25 years in the Microsoft Windows world and only five in Mac, I know exactly where I would deploy Mac and equally where I wouldn’t. You have far fewer incidents on Mac and so selling that and the fact that Macs last longer and have a higher residual value makes it a great Device as a Service candidate, which equalises the cost between Mac and PC.

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