Exertis adds power to its portfolio

Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products for the B2B, mobile and retail markets today announced a distribution agreement with Omnicharge for its range of high-end product solutions which includes the Omni 13, Omni 20, Omni USB-C and Omni Power Station.

Matthew Balcombe, Exertis Unlimited, commercial director said, “Omnicharge provides the power requirements demanded by today’s always-on, consumer, digital lifestyle. All Omnicharge’s products come equipped with intelligent charging management technology so that each device reaches its optimal charge. Whether it’s for smartphone, tablet, notebook or camera, Omnicharge products provide an effective, fast and long-lasting solution even for laptops that traditionally rely on mains power. We look forward to offering their range to our retailers.”

Exertis will be providing the following:

Omni 13: A compact power bank with an added three-prong AC/HVDC outlet for emergencies, two fast-charging USB ports, and a universal DC port outputting 13,600 mAh

Omni 20: An advanced power bank equipped with two fast-charging USB ports, a 100W AC outlet, a universal DC port, and a high quality 20,400 mAh power output

Omni USB-C: An industry-first dual USB-C power bank with a 100 watt total output with integrated data hub file transfer functionality, two USB ports, and 20,100 mAh of power output

Omni Power Station: An all-in-one power solution for any organization looking to expand their power access with no expensive infrastructure upgrades or maintenance. With ten Omni 20 chargers and a connected cloud platform, the Omni Power Station turns one outlet into ten instantaneously.

Omnicharge products come with a 1 year limited warranty and lifetime customer support.

“We’re excited to join forces with Exertis,” said Dwayne Bellow, Omnicharge, vice president of sales. “At the rate devices are outpacing standard outlets, access to reliable power sources is a necessity. Through this strategic partnership, our multi-port power banks and power station will be available on an international stage whether it’s a business professional traveling, a photographer out on location, or a student working at a local coffee shop.”

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