PCR’s 30 Under 30 – less than one week left to nominate

Time is running out to nominate yourself or a colleague for PCR’s 30 Under 30 2018.

An annual institution for the Channel, PCR’s 30 Under 30 celebrates the brightest sparks in the industry who are blazing a trail. Whether they’re on the sales floor, powering the PR machine or on the benches building the exciting technologies of the future, PCR’s 30 Under 30 will shine a light on them.

To nominate someone (or yourself if you are so inclined) head over to www.pcr-online.biz/30Under30 for more information. All we need is a description of why they should be nominated and a picture. Simple!

Previous 30 Under 30 classes have included companies such as HyperX, John Lewis, Ingram Micro, Tech Data and more. PCR’s 30 Under 30 2018 presents a great opportunity to show off a company’s youthful hiring initiatives and programmes.

Deadline for entries is 23:59 Monday May 14th, but if you needed more reasons to get involved, here’s five of them

1) It’s great for the advancement of their career

For young professionals, the job market is incredibly tough and setting yourself out from the crowd is even more difficult. However, what better way to endear yourself to employers than with a copy of PCR that has your face in it, recognising you as one of the 30 top young people in the Channel. 

Whether it’s helping them to get a step up in a new job, or a promotion, there’s no better way to recognise their achievements than by nominating them for PCR’s 30 Under 30.

2) It attracts young people to your company and shows them the opportunities you offer

On the flip side to the difficult job market, young people straight out of school, college or university will want to go to a company that will nurture them and allow them to progress. PCR’s 30 Under 30 also acts as a good guide for these job seekers who will see enthusiastic young  faces and want to join them.

3) It is a perfect way to applaud people who work behind the scenes

Let’s face it, we don’t all get the glamorous jobs. For every one marketing person who gets to swan about at gala dinners and conference days, there are people who are hard at work at often thankless tasks. PCR’s 30 Under 30 is an ideal way to applaud these diligent workers for their efforts and recognise what they bring to the table.

4) It promotes your company’s open and diverse culture

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic at the moment, with the gender pay gap in particular being highlighted. You can prove that your company bucks the trend by showcasing your diverse and young workforce in PCR’s 30 Under 30.

5) It’s good press

We all love to get a pat on the back in a public forum, and being shown as a company that cultivates and brings a diverse crew of young people through the ranks is an easy win.

So what are you waiting for? Get going and nominate as many people as you can think of for PCR’s 30 Under 30 2018.

Any further questions should be directed to jeaston@nbmedia.com.

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