In my team: AOC UK

Who is in your team and what do they do?

Here in the UK we are a precious team of six (plus one) very talented individuals. Nathan Blank is my right hand and manages not only our key distribution partners but also some of our top key customers. He keeps me on my toes and makes sure the team is aligned. Mano Parmar has a love affair with spreadsheets and believes in very detailed planning. Simon Fuller and Richard James look after the big guys: corporate, enterprise and public sector key accounts. Simon has the connections and Richard has a sweet spot for anything technical.

Vanessa Burrows is our outside team member but so valuable for the team organising all marketing and event planning. Elena Strzelczyk is another outside resource and our adopted colleague from Germany. Elena supports all the PR activity and press and especially getting us into as many reviews as possible. Finally there is myself as the team leader. I look after three major accounts and handle key interfacing with our HQ in Amsterdam.

Who has been in the team for the longest/shortest period of time?

Richard and I started within a month of each other back in 2011 so we are the long-termers (can it really be seven years?) and Mano is the shortest but still with 1.5 years’ experience under his belt.

What projects are you currently working on?

Ah… this would be telling and revealing our secrets… suffice to say we have exciting products for both B2B and B2C. Especially with gaming and the imminent launch of our AGON III range, AOC will be taking gaming to yet another level of unrivalled quality and excellence.

Last year you held a product launch at the Porsche factory in Leipzig. What was that like for you and, more importantly, who was the best on the track?

I was unfortunate to be called away the day of the event so Nathan (without hesitation) took my place. Together with our customers they took a range of Porsche vehicles around the track and even got taken on some professional ‘taxi’ runs with Porsche’s own drivers at the wheel. Nathan of course told me he was the best but we also had customers who have since told me that was absolute rubbish!

Who are the best/ worst dressed members of the team?

I like a good suit but don’t wear them often enough and dressing down seems to be the trend these days. Worst dressed? Hmm… It would be cruel to point a finger but in general we all brush up pretty well.

Tel: 07738 753331

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