Sporting events will lead VR/AR growth

Former tech executive for both AOL and Disney, Charlie Fink, believes that sport will become the market leader in terms of using AR and VR for ‘cinematic experiences’.

With Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One set to hit cinemas later this week, the prospect of VR and AR being used to enhance cinematic experiences has become a reality. However Fink, author of Metaverse, an AR-Enabled Guide to #VR & #AR, believes that sport will be the driver in for VR and AR, adding that Intel is already working on capturing sports volumetrically. 

In an interview with the Independent he said: “You’ll be able to go to a bar, use tabletop AR, and project a [football] match. Over the players will float their names and stats, you’ll be able to make their images bigger or smaller.” With more than £1.27 billion invested in the new technologies in the last year, Fink added that ‘big companies are making big bets,’ on it being a success.

VR use in sport spectating could also become a home prospect with companies working on headsets that transport you to sporting arenas. Startup NextVR has successfully leveraged the technology to let fans cheer their team on from the best seats in the stadium without ever leaving home. 

They have patented a suite of technologies that relate to sophisticated 360° cameras that can capture an event in 3D and HD. Fans use their home virtual reality equipment (currently only Samsung Gear VR is supported) to watch games in a fully immersive VR world.

Earlier this month, PCR published its VR/AR special. To read it click here.  

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