Making a mark

Nicole Lin is no stranger to Synology. When you see someone being announced as the new managing director of a company, chances are they’re making a move from an executive position at another firm. Lin however has grown with the Taiwanese Network Attached Storage specialists since joining in 2012.

“For most of my time at Synology, I served in the product management department. I authored three Synology technical whitepapers for our software and service during my years there,” she notes. “The knowledge and experience developing products that meet and address the needs of our customers laid the groundwork for my career at Synology.”

While Lin is focused on the task of expanding Synology’s business, she is also aware of her significance. “It’s my sincere honour to be assigned the UK and Nordics market as the first female MD; however I prefer not to focus on gender when it comes to leadership,” she adds.

“Although I am the first female MD for Synology UK, this is not the first time Synology globally has had a female executive. Synology’s corporate culture encourages anyone with passion to ascend to leading positions, in spite of attributes like age, gender and other backgrounds.”

One thing for certain is that Lin is thoroughly established and engrained in the company as a vital part of operations, having worked – and spoken – all over the world for the Network Attached Storage specialists. This, she believes, gives her a ‘competitive edge’ over anyone who potentially could have come in from outside, and ultimately drove her to pursue the managing director role.

“I have been the keynote speaker at multiple Synology events in Taiwan, Australia and other Asian countries. These contribute largely to my command over our competitive edge and during face-to-face interactions I was able to see the difference Synology makes to our clients. These experiences drove me to step out of the labs and pursue a market-facing role.”

And though she seems focused on progressing herself professionally and Synology’s market share, Lin’s passionate drive for success is driven by a passion for technology itself and what it can bring to people in their everyday lives. “I came to this industry with a firm belief that technology is empowering to all who aspire for a better life and career accomplishment.

“I’m still here because Synology did just that for me. It makes my home safer and my work easier – the balance between which has become even more important now with a family role. I can be assured the privacy which I care most for my family is not compromised with convenience, knowing that no one will be looking at our photos and playlist while we enjoy the benefits of the Cloud.”

Synology, which was founded in 2000 by Cheen Liao and Philip Wong – both formerly of Microsoft – celebrates its 10th anniversary of operating in the UK market this year and is still working out of its Milton Keynes base. It has grown massively in the market in those 10 years, but Lin is not resting on her laurels and is determined to continue progressing hand-in-hand with its customers. And that’s an aspect Lin stresses. Synology has succeeded in such a competitive marketplace because it pays attention to what its customers want. “Synology has evolved greatly over the years by listening to customers,” she says. “And that includes myself! I feel very proud to have been a part of its becoming and now one of its missionaries.”

As for her plan for the company, education is key. Synology’s product offering is competitive across the board from NAS to datacentre-scaled servers, and getting those products in front of customers and resellers is where Lin sees the company winning. “In the coming years, I want to introduce all homes and offices in our territories to Synology’s private storage and surveillance solutions. I am certain with the feature readiness and product maturity Synology customers will find no better option.”

Nicole Lin is not lacking in confidence – in herself, the product or the company – and has a bold ambition to grow Synology. A veritable brand-loyal managing director if ever there was one, Lin is ready, willing and able to take Synology to the next level.  

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