Women in tech earn up to 28 per cent less than their male counterparts

Women in technology-related jobs are earning up to 28 per cent less than their male counterparts in the UK.

Only three out of 10 tech jobs are currently held by women, with female employees receiving significantly less than men doing the same jobs, according to a new study by Emolument.com. Analysing pay data from 11,500 UK workers, the research revealed that women currently earn less across the board, regardless of company size or job.

Alice Leguay, co-founder and CMO at Emolument said: “It is not intuitive that the technology sector, a trailblazing, forward-thinking industry, should be lagging in terms of gender pay gap. The financial sector has shown that regulation and co-ordinated action can make a systemic difference from graduate applications to board of directors ratios. Media pressure may well encourage the technology sector to mind its current discriminatory practices, though there may be blood on the walls as it happens, as with Uber. More transparency is needed when it comes to pay, and not only for companies with more than 250 employees, as currently required; not only either for the Financial sector, which is facing up to its failings.”

The biggest pay gap is within small companies (less than 10 employees) with women paid 28 per cent less than men doing the same roles. In SMEs the pay gap was between 19-20 per cent highlighting the fact that this is an issue which runs throughout the industry.

The research also showed that the ratio of women to men remains desperately low across all sized companies, with only 3 women out of 10 technology employees.

In terms of job roles, product management is leading the way with the lowest pay gap in all technology jobs, at just 3 per cent. PM jobs are also the highest median salaries with average wages expected to be £58,000. At the other end of the scale business development roles pay 27 per cent less for women, with an average salary for a woman of £37,000.

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