Life in the Channel – Louise Honeywill

Now that the dust has settled and you have had time to let it sink in, how does it feel to be crowned PCR’s Women of the Year?

I am still in shock if I am being totally honest with you. I am really honoured to have be given this award. I still have a huge smile on my face every morning when I get in to work and see the award proudly sat on my desk. This was one for the girls!

What is your role at Northamber and how long have you been in the job role?

I started at Northamber some 30 years ago, back in March 1987. Through the years I have worked my way up through the various departments including stints in Credit and then Monitors. Nowadays I love being at the helm of the Audio Visual Product team and am really enjoying the new challenge and bringing my experience to the role.

What does an average day look like for you and what tasks do you undertake on a daily basis?

Wow… where do I even start? Every day is a completely different day for me. I am always first in, so I open up at 7.15am and get tucked straight into my emails. I check my stock levels and pricing, attend vendor meetings, build marketing plans, work with our wonderful new graduates and hit the phones to talk to our lovely AV customers. I get a real buzz from bringing exclusive vendors to market and hitting our targets. It’s a great team and I love being pulled into anything that needs my special brand of Honeywill magic to ensure the best result for the team.

What is the most unexpected / amusing thing that has ever happened to you at work?

That has to be when Northamber sent me to a 5-Star Hotel in New York City for a long weekend with my son, to reward me for my outstanding achievements last year! It really was a dream come true and is an example of the kind of company Northamber is.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that (secretly) I’m the ‘real boss’ at Northamber and everybody knows it deep down. I love being part of the management team, especially taking new starters under my wing, nurturing them and watching them grow throughout their careers within Northamber.

How can people best contact you?

We have a ‘no voicemail’ policy at Northamber, so calling 0208 296 7078 will always work. Emailing will also come directly to me too if you prefer emailing.

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