In My Team: Agent42

Who is in your team and what are their roles?

Within PR and communications, the main heads are; Linda Hassall who is a Company Director and Karen Cheslett, PR and communications Manager. We have 10 people in the core marketing team with five additional people working in PR and Communications. The team is frequently scaled up depending on project requirements. As we are a small boutique agency, the team are brilliant at multi-tasking and two days are never the same. In general Linda sets strategy and manages key client relationships and Karen manages PR and social media for our top clients with a team working underneath her.

Who has been here the longest / shortest?

Agent42 was created five years ago by Lauren Tauben who is the founder of the company. Karen is the newest member of the team, joining us 13 months ago – however it feels like Karen has been with us from the start as she is a key asset to the company.

Who is the team joker?

We are all happy, positive and quite hyper people in general. We bounce off each other, all having our share of fun and jokes. But if I was to pick one person for the obscure random stories she tells it would have to be Karen.

What is the best part of working for a PR firm?

Agent42 has six key marketing disciplines it provides to clients. What we do at the agency is much more than just PR. But the best part of being in PR is of course speaking to the lovely press and having such a huge pool of talent to talk with daily on new product launches and events. Being in an agency like ours, you can work across such a broad spectrum of products, clients and businesses so it’s far from boring.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

There will be many events and product launches over the next 12 months and hopefully there’ll also be some new clients. However one thing that we are particularly looking forward to is our annual press challenge. Previously, we subjected 20 journalists to walking the ‘Three Peaks’ with us: ‘The Hebrides’, ‘The Scilly Isles’ and in 2017 we achieved ‘The Jurassic coastline’… We can’t wait to present ideas to our client for the 2018 challenge and we will make sure it’s our greatest achievement with the press to date! 

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