Website down and phones go silent at Target Components

A power outage at Target Components has caused (unnecessary) panic among its partners and customers. Anyone attempting to get on to Target Components’ website this morning will have been left bitterly disappointed. Likewise, the telephone lines at the distributor have been out of action for a number of hours now.

However, the inability to get in touch with Target has led many to jump to the assumption that a downed website and cut phone lines can mean only one thing: the company has gone bust! The reality is far from as dramatic. 

The outage occurred after BT terminated the wrong circuit as Target was upgrading its fibre connection to double the bandwidth and has affected the websites and phone systems for both Target and its enterprise division Servers Plus. The fact that many immediately assumed that time was up at Target is a sorry reflection of the times we are in, according to Target’s MD Paul Cubbage.

“The first reaction from many was to assume we’d ceased trading” said Cubbage. “It was amusing the first couple of times, but the more I hear it the more depressing a picture it paints of the level of pessimism there must be in the channel. I could understand if we were a struggling business, but we’re far from that. We’re profitable, and have been every year for over a decade, we’re debt-free, and – with our broad base of both customers and brands – extremely low-risk. I can only think it reflects a feeling of doom and gloom in the wider market.”

Cubbage also apologised to Target customers for the inconvenience. “I know how frustrating it is for our customers. I can only apologise and promise we’ve done everything in our power to get things back up and running and catch up on requirements. The main sales line is temporarily diverted and we’re still able to ship orders, so I’d ask customers to persevere trying to get through. ”

On a positive note Cubbage praised the response of Target staff and customers. “Our staff have been heroes” he said. “We’ve resorted to mobile phones and personal emails to try to contact as many customers as possible, but of course we can’t cover all of the 1000+ customers who log into our website daily. I’d also like to thank all the customers we have been able to contact who have been as supportive as ever.”

At time of writing, Target were re-configuring systems to work with the new upgraded line – not initially intended for use until March – and expected systems to be back up and running by early afternoon. The distributor also promised a full review of failover systems.

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