Only one UK company in Thomson Reuters’ top tech leaders list

Only one British-based company has been named on Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Technology Leaders list. Computacenter is the only representative from the UK, with US companies dominating the billing.

Microsoft was crowned the number one global tech leader by Thomson Reuters, in its first-ever Top 100 Global Technology Leaders list. Chipmaker Intel came in second place, while network gear maker Cisco makes up the rostrum.

Only featuring companies that have at least $1 billion in annual revenue, the vast majority are from the US and from Asia. According to the list, 45 percent of these 100 tech companies are headquartered in the United States. Japan and Taiwan are tied for second place with 13 companies each, followed by India with five tech leaders on the list. By continent, North America leads with 47, followed by Asia with 38, Europe with 14 and Australia with one.

A spokesperson for Thomson Reuters said: “The list aims to identify the industry’s top financially successful and organisationally sound organizations. The results are based on a 28-factor algorithm that measures performance across eight benchmarks: financial, management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, people and social responsibility, environmental impact, and reputation. The assessment tracks patent activity for technological innovation and sentiment in news and selected social media as the reflection of a company’s public reputation.”

The likes of Apple, Alphabet, IBM and Texas Instruments make up the top 10. Microchip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, German business software giant SAP and Dublin-based consultant Accenture make up the final spots in the top 10. The remaining 90 companies are not ranked but feature the likes of Amazon and Facebook. 

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