Gospel updates blockchain platform to v2.0

Enterprise data distribution provider Gospel Technology has launched Gospel Cloud Platform v2.0, the company’s private, permissioned blockchain that enables enterprises to secure and track data across their decentralised ecosystems. 

Version 2.0 of the platform builds upon its reputation as “the first practical enterprise application of blockchain” by adding a raft of enterprise-ready features and significant improvements to performance. 

By shifting the security to the lowest possible layer and adding extensive audit features, Gospel delivers a platform that is truly secure by design. Gospel is built around a private, permissioned ledger and requires both reads and writes to pass through the distributed consensus mechanism and Gospel’s custom data logic. This means that permissions can be highly granular and derived from context, including data-owner driven consent, as well as traditional access control mechanisms.

This supports what Gospel calls its central mission – to eliminate the speculative sharing of data by providing mechanisms for companies to share only the information required to perform a process and no more. By using Gospel, enterprises can eliminate the cause of the majority of data breaches as well as make substantial strides towards compliance with the latest data protection and access regulations.

The latest version goes further by adding customisable smart contracts for both actions and permissions, as well as restricted views based on queries to the underlying data. For example, showing whether a user is over 18 rather than their date of birth. With this approach, Gospel has eliminated another vector by which data could be inadvertently leaked.

In addition, Gospel has added the ability to manage and automate workflows end-to-end including interfacing with existing systems for both ingress of data and notification of pertinent information by API, database connection or file. Combined with the ability to drive consent through notifications and requests, this means data-consuming users and applications have the latest view of appropriate data at all times.

Gospel is already deployed within a number of large-scale enterprises to secure their data sharing and supply chain processes. It can be applied to almost any situation where sensitive information needs to be shared but protected from internal or external threats, be they malicious or accidental.

CEO and founder of Gospel, Ian Smith, commented: “We’re at a pivotal moment in the development of the knowledge economy. Data breaches are becoming such a regular occurrence that consumer trust in allowing companies to hold their data is eroding fast. Only by changing the way we handle data fundamentally can that be reversed before there is a backlash. Gospel delivers an enterprise platform to enable secure data distribution.”

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