Nvidia launches VR benchmarking tool

Back in 2013 you may remember that Nvidia launched FCAT – a GPU benchmarking tool that enabled gamers and reviewers to test FPS and the smoothness and quality of gameplay on all GPUs. Today, the firm has announced a new version of FCAT, specifically focused on VR.

"Before now, Virtual Reality testing relied on general benchmarking tools, synthetic tests, and hacked-together solutions, which failed to reveal the true performance of GPUs in VR games," said Nvidia in a statement. "With FCAT VR, we read performance data from driver stats, Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), events for Oculus Rift and SteamVR’s performance API data for Vive to generate precise data on all GPUs."

FCAT VR is available right now on Nvidia’s website and the company has put together a video explaining how the whole thing works which you can view below. 

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