CMS Distribution’s Ireland MD says adopting mobile first strategy is key to safe guarding IT infrastructure

The best way for organisations around the world to “future proof” their IT infrastructure is to adopt a mobile-first policy, Patrick Healy, managing director at CMS Distribution Ireland, has said.

Healy outlined various recommendations in regards to why organisations should ensure applications are “mobile ready.”

He suggests businesses should be able to re-evaluate their mobile strategy in order to meet the expectations of younger employees.

“Employees are at the heart of most organisations, so to attract and retain the best talent, employers must ensure their technology is effective, that it aids efficiency and, more importantly, is familiar and easy to use, ” Healy said.

However with an increase in mobile usage, Healy says these companies need to pay close attention to security as well: “Before embarking on a mobile strategy, careful consideration must be made to decide how information will be stored, and more importantly, secured. As EU regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are introduced, businesses must demonstrate that their customer information is held with the right level of control. 

“Organisations that get the mobile strategy right will benefit from improved staff engagement, increased efficiency and reduced costs. At CMS Distribution we have a range of products that can help organisations adopt a mobile strategy through networking, security and application packaging.”

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