Microsoft’s new connectivity feature enables UK customers to connect privately to data centers

Microsoft’s UK customers can now use its connectivity feature Azure ExpressRoute and PSN/N3 Connectivity to connect privately to its data centers.

Since launching its Office 365 and Azure cloud solutions three months ago in the UK, the new features will cater to customers who prefer a hybrid cloud option.

Microsoft’s UK chief executive, Cindy Rose said: “We’re delighted to see such growing demand for our cloud services from our new data centres in the UK. We’ve been part of the UK’s tech landscape for over 30 years and we’re proud of the way this country leads the world in embracing technology and new ideas.

“With our trusted cloud now delivered locally, and our commitment to principles of security, privacy, transparency, compliance, and availability, we are well placed to support the digital transformation of organisations throughout the country.”

Customers in the UK will also be able to store information online as well as on-premise.

The Government’s National Technology Adviser Liam Maxwell said: “The arrival of local data centres in the UK is fantastic news for British businesses and the public sector alike.

“Cloud services enable organisations to change how they deliver existing services and to design new services for their customers, reshaping how they engage employees and reduce operational costs.”

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