Dell files ‘Canvas’ trademark

Dell has applied for a rather curious sounding trademark in the States. Filing for rights to both "Canvas" and "Dell Canvas", the trademarks cover rather vague sounding "interactive touch screen computer interfaces".

The focus here would seem to be in relation to its Surface Hub competitor, the C7017T 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor. This is the biggest touch-screen in Dell’s arsenal so Canvas could be a new bit of branding and marketing to give the product a bit more of a memorable name. 

Canvas could also be referring to new touch-screen monitors. Dell already produces them, but a fancy new interface could give their sales a shot in the arm and make Dell an inovative market leader. 

The vague definition of “interactive touch screen computer interfaces” could also apply to tablets or two-in-one PCs with detachable tablet screens. While this is a popular area, Dell could run the risk of entering into a fiercly competitive market that is already flooded with products. Windows and Android dominate this space and there is little Dell could do to contribute towards the market asides from just creating another convertable or tablet. 

The last possibility is a smartphone. Dell previously tried smartphones with varying degrees of success. Some devices, such as the Dell Venue Pro, garnered generally positive reviews but didn’t go far in terms of sales. Like in the case of tablets and convertibles, the consumer phone business is so overpopulated that the only brands with a chance of turning any real profits are Samsung, Apple and Huawei. 

After all this speculation there is a high probability that this is just a trademark that the company has filed so that nobody else can use the word canvas in their products. You could definitely see Microsoft, especially with its creative tendencies of late, creating a Canvas product to go along with its Suface. 

Whatever happens with Dell’s Canvas, we’ll keep an eye and make sure that you’re abreast of what’s going on and whether it’s anything exciting 

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