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eSports Pro launches

PCR is very excited to announce the launch of our new sister site eSports Pro.

eSports Pro will be publishing news, views and analysis on one of the fastest growing markets on the planet.

We’ve occasionally dipped our toe into the world of eSports, but for those of you who are unaware eSports is competetive gaming on a massive scale. Think massive stadiums full of people watching Pros duking it out over a game of League of Legends or Counter Strike – with huge prize money on offer. 

eSports has become vital to gaming and, in turn, the channel. We believe that eSports Pro will be a huge success and we hope you enjoy the great content that the team over there will be putting out.

The site will be split into four sections


All the vital news from the biggest tournaments on the planet – who won what, what the leagues are doing and what it means for everyone else.


The players, the bosses, the celebs and the rising stars – all you need to know about the movers and shakers across the globe.


Updates, gameplay changes, new releases and previews. Everything you need to know about the key titles at the heart of the eSports scene.


Who’s sponsoring who, who’s making partnerships and what are the investment opportunities? Here we’ll cover off the commercial forces behind the action.

The team look forward to hearing what you think – please email awooden@nbmedia.com with any suggestions, feedback, or just to say hello.

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