Apple to replace faulty iPhone 6s batteries

Days after it addressed the ‘touch disease’ fault that was affecting certain iPhone 6 Plus devices, Apple has announced a battery replacement program for iPhone 6s owners affected by unexpected shutdowns.

The company said that the problem – which sees an iPhone 6s spontaneously turn off with no prior warning – impacts a "very small number" of devices that were manufactured between September and October 2015. If someone is unfortunate enough to be in possession one of these affected phones they can go to an Apple store to check the serial number of their device. The store will then check the serial code to identify whether it is part of the malfunctioning bunch and then replace the battery for free. The program will cover affected device batteries for three years after first retail sale.

Alternatively, owners of affected units who have paid to replace their device’s battery can contact Apple for a refund.

Apple has confirmed that the devices are completely safe and that the batteries would not do any damage unlike the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which the company had co recall and then permanently cease sales of over safety fears.

This replacement program comes after the China Consumers Association last week asked Apple to investigate complaints from users who claimed that their iPhone 6 and 6s devices were suddenly shutting down – sometimes permanently. It is unclear if the program has come in response to this probe, but the battery replacements are being made available worldwide. 

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