Nearly half of global businesses were targeted by a ransomware attack within the last year

48 per cent of global businesses have been targeted by a ransomware attack within the past year, a new survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by SentinelOne has discovered.

The survey of 500 businesses in the US, UK, Germany, and France also revealed that over the last 12 months, 48 per cent of companies have been victimised by a ransomware attack. Up to 81 per cent of these companies claim to have suffered three or more attacks. 

On average, organisations targeted by ransomware experience at least six attacks, the survey suggests.

67 per cent of businesses globally have increased IT security spending, and 52 per cent stated they are going to change their security strategies to focus more on mitigation based on the frequency of ransomware attacks. 

Tony Rowan, chief security consultant at SentinelOne, said: “These results point to a significant shift for ransomware – it’s no longer just a tool for cybercrime, but now also a tool for cyber terrorism and espionage.

“Hackers are gaining access to sensitive assets by tricking users, and this is a problem that cannot be removed with more walls and training. 

“Security is at a point of crisis, and customers and vendors must both instigate change. There’s an immediate need for a new generation of security technologies that can discover, adapt and stop the new breed of threats as they happen.”

Additional information from this research shows, 81 per cent of businesses which had experienced a ransomware attack stated attackers were able to gain access to their company, by exploiting the company’s social media or with an email phishing scam.

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