Yahoo was aware of ‘state-sponsored’ hack in 2014

Yahoo has admitted it knew 500 million of it users’ accounts had been compromised, and that some of its own staff were aware that this was going on. 

The admission confirms the speculation regarding whether Yahoo knew about the hack that emerged a couple of weeks ago. 

A statement from Yahoo’srecent quarterly earnings report earlier this week confirmed the company’s awareness and detailed what the next moves are: “The company had identified that a state-sponsored actor had access to the company’s network in late 2014." 

"An Independent Committee of the Board, advised by independent counsel and a forensic expert, is investigating, among other things, the scope of knowledge within the company in 2014 and thereafter regarding this access, the security incident, the extent to which certain users’ account information had been accessed."

Despite Yahoo knowing about the hack, the company has not said if the hacker or hackers used cookies to track users’ accounts. 

It appears that this controversy could now cost Yahoo, aspotential acquirer Verizon,has potentially cooled off on the deal: “There is no assurance the $4.8 billion merger will be consummated in a timely manner or at all.”

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