Oculus introduces virtual reality to cheaper PCs

Virtual reality (VR) on PCs has, to this point, relied on high-end PC rigs, but Oculus aims to solve this issue by introducing what it calls ‘asynchronous spacewarp’ for its Rift headset.

This might sound like a meaningless buzzword, but it lets users run the Rift VR headset on much lower-specced hardware.

Previously, users required an Nvidia GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon 290 with an Intel Core i5 processor, but now they can get away with just an i3, an AMD RX 400 series or any Nvidia 900 or 1000 series card. It gets around this by using frame interpolation techniques to deliver smooth gameplay at 45 frames per second, as opposed to the 90 fps normally required. The only spec that has not changed is the required 8GB of RAM to get the headset up and running. 

Oculus will hope that making the Rift an option for lower-end PC users will help to put it into closer contention with PlayStation VR – which users can have running for under £500.

The company also revealed that users will be able to create Oculus Avatars from December 6th to coincide with the launch of its new Touch controllers. 

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