Cloud adoption will drive IT hardware sales in 2020

Two thirds of channel leaders are confident that hardware will continue to make up an important part of their revenue streams in 2020.

A new study, commissioned by Agilitas and carried out by OnePoll, surveyed 100 senior level executives from leading IT resellers and independent IT providers, highlights the increased demand for hardware will be driven by the increased rates of cloud adoption.

Agilitas CEO Shaun Lynn said: “The reason we’re seeing continued demand for hardware is because the cloud is inherently reliant on it to function. Despite the cloud being an always-on fully accessible piece of technology, data still needs to be stored somewhere. As a result the big cloud firms are continuing to build data centres. Amazon and Microsoft for example have both opened data centres in the UK in recent months.”

In addition, the research mentions the rapid rise of cloud environments and the remote data centres that support them. 

It’s not just migration to the cloud that is expected to shift the focus of resellers in the channel in 2020. The study shows that resellers are expecting to sell at least 35 per cent more multi-vendor solutions, Lynn explained: “All of our data points to a growing trend. Resellers are taking back control from vendors. With customer expectations on the rise, performance will be the priority, and we can expect plenty of new opportunities for channel disruption as we approach 2020.”

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