Lenovo says goodbye to its own branding and says hello Moto

Chinese PC maker Lenovo will no longer market phones under its own name and will instead brand them as Moto, Campaign Asia reports.

Lenovo previously acquired Motorola from Google in 2014 for $2.91 billion and had announced plans to phase out the Motorola name at the beginning of this year. This reversal might come as something of a shock admission that this acquisition had not been as successful as Lenovo would have liked.

There is a risk , as Android Police points out, of diluting the nomenclature that Moto currently uses to differentiate its high-end, mid-range and budget phones. Lenovo makes a wide variety of handsets, including the first one to feature Google’s Project Tango AR tech.

Motorola also launched its mid-range all-metal Moto M in China earlier this week.The company has not yet revealed whether it’ll be available globally, but it is possible that this will be another product range for the brand. Introducing even more Motorola phones will likely confuse and alienate customers.

Lenovo also announced that it is also changing leadership of its smartphone business in China. Xudong Chen is moving from his role as co-president and senior vice president of the brand’s Mobile Business Group (MBG) in China and will be succeeded by Gina Qiao, formerly senior vice president of human resources. The new senior vice president has been brought in with the hope of gradually transitioning the company from focusing on hardware and into a "customer-oriented company focusing on devices with artificial intelligence and cloud services".

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