Canadian lawyers file class action against Samsung

A Canadian law company has filed a class action lawsuit against both of Samsung’s US and Canadian divisions. It claims that the vendor shipped its Galaxy Note 7 phones knowing they posed a health and safety risk to consumers. 

The lawsuit, filed by Ontario-based McKenzie Lake Lawyers, accused Samsung of negligence and knowingly putting users at risk. The suit seeks damages and an admission from Samsung that its actions were false, misleading and were in direct violation of the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Act.

Matthew Baer, a lawyer at the firm said: "We believe that through this action, the Defendants will be required to account for their actions in bringing these devices to market. Canadians who owned these devices deserve to be properly compensated."

The Canadian branch of Samsung is urging customers to return their Note 7s for an exchange or refund, whilst it aims to resolve this latest legal challenge.

This is another legal complication for Samsung which is struggling to recover from what has been a complete product and brand disaster. 

With an official investigation still ongoing, the company has also come under fire from environmentalist groups such as Greenpeace for not confirming how it planned on disposing of 4.3 million of its faulty devices. 

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