Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement issues

Samsung might have thought that its problems were behind it, but reports have emerged that users of replaced Galaxy Note 7s have overheating and battery drain issues even while they’re charging.

The problems were first reported by South Korean news network YTN who interviewed numerous phone owners who were complaining about their units overheating or losing power when plugged in. One user said that even though his Galaxy Note 7 was plugged in and charging, the device lost 1 per cent of battery per second. 

The owner, surnamed Choi, said: "I’ve charged it [Note 7] all night after the battery went below one percent, but it didn’t charge over 10 percent."

Intvestigating the issue, YTN found that a unit with 75 per cent of battery quickly dropped to 49 per cent even though it was charging. Positively for Samsung, however, there have been no reported incidents of phones catching fire. 

A spokesperson for Samsung, responding to these reported problems, said that they were "completely unrelated to batteries," and that the incidents are "isolated cases" linked to mass production issues.

This comes hot on the heels of news that Samsung has postponed restarting sale of the device in South Korea, claiming that it needs more time for the global recall.

The phone was expected to be back on shelves by September 28th, but is now expected to be unavailable until October 1st at the earliest. Samsung hopes to restart sales once it makes enough progress with the recall, having announced plans to relaunch the device in Australia and Singapore in October.

On Sunday, Samsung apologised for the confusion caused by the delay and said it would do its best to resolve the current Galaxy Note 7 situation quickly.

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