Jawbone struggling to pay business partners and maintain its device stocks

Troubled wearables brand Jawbone is finding it difficult to keep its inventory up and pay its business partners, according to Business Insider.

An email was circulated among staff of virtual contact centre NexRep highlighting Jawbone’s inability to fulfil its financial obligations: “Jawbone is not able to pay us for past services, and their ability to pay us in the future is uncertain at this point.”

These circumstances have forced NexRep to cut the jobs of 93 of its staff. Jawbone is also reported to be losing its staff at an alarming rate.

Screenshots of the company’s website, captured by Business Insider, show all of its fitness trackers as sold out. An individual from NexRep has claimed that shipments of these devices have stopped. 

Jawbone is also rumoured to be selling its wireless speakers off in an attempt to focus exclusively on wearables. Tech Data announced at the start of this year that it would support the device maker with its distribution in the channel and raise its profile with retailers.

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