IT buyers consider tech end-of-life and company growth as reasons to buy

IT buyers are motivated to buy based on end-of-life and company growth, according to a new report by IT network Spiceworks.

The report, which looks at Spiceworks’ native buyers and IT professionals across its community, also states that buyers provide support for 1,142 devices along with controlling and influencing $2.5 trillion in budgets on average. 

Collectively, Spiceworks’ group of professionals work across 52 help desks per month placing them at the heart of the IT mix. 

There are 2,000 conversations per month based on security, 1,2000 conversations based on hardware and 2,000 conversations based on backup across the Spiceworks platform by these buyers. 

Justin Davison, IT manager at Spiceworks said: “While I, as an IT professional, am not the decision maker. I have two very important roles, decision influencer and gatekeeper. If a vendor doesn’t convince me, they don’t make it to the decision maker. I can make or break most IT decisions.”

At least 69 per cent of IT buyers stated that business decision makers are involved in purchase decisions, but the report also argues that all IT buyers are somehow involved in purchase choices. 

Spiceworks profiles the IT buyers in its report as also actively engaging vendors online, with 37,747 of them tagging vendors across social media.

The report says that IT buyers have a very multi-dimensional role to play in regards to vendors and managing complex purchasing choices. Yet it’s how these buyers see themselves when it comes to making purchase decisions and their relationship with vendors that gives them authority in the tech space

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