Samsung’s Tim Baxter apologises for Galaxy Note 7 recall

Amid all of the controversy surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung America president and COO, Tim Baxter has (akin to Tony Hayward’s infamous ‘we’re sorry’ apology video) finally stepped forward to discuss the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

In a video released on 15 September, Baxter speaks openly about the Note 7 disaster. He promises ‘loyal customers in the Samsung family’ that new, less-volatile phones will be available “no later than 21 September”. Baxter also urges customers who already have purchased a Note 7 thus far to not use the device and return it immediately.

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News that the flagship handsets were exploding due to unstable batteries started spreading like wildfire last week. This all came on the eve of Apple’s September 7 iPhone 7 reveal – there was nothing but total embarrassment for Samsung. 

In order to tell the difference between the pre and post-scandal phones, ZDNet reports that the battery indicator will glow green instead of white.

Samsung has stated that exchanges in Korea will begin on September 19 – the first business day back after local Thanksgiving celebrations – with the rest of the world to follow two days later.

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